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Big Nerd Ranch Weblog » How to Time

I was asked three times last week how I find how long an activity takes on the Mac and the iPhone.  Here is the most accurate method that I know of:
#import uint64_t start = mach_absolute_time(); 
// do stuff to be timed 
uint64_t end = mach_absolute_time(); 
uint64_t elapsed = end - start; 
mach_timebase_info_data_t info; 
if (mach_timebase_info (&info) != KERN_SUCCESS) { 
  printf ("mach_timebase_info failed\n"); } 
uint64_t nanosecs = elapsed * info.numer / info.denom; 
uint64_t millisecs = nanosecs / 1000000;
As you use this, remember that the elapsed time for a given function will vary with the load the system is under.


The "timing" couldn't be better - I was just researching this topic last week.

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