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Rocx Software blends the design capabilities of a mobile development firm with the technical expertise of a systems integrator. We have unique expertise to create engaging mobile experiences that integrate with enterprise systems. For over 10 years we've consulted with Fortune 500 companies and other leading clients utilizing technology to help them exceed their customer's needs.

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Collect, analyze, report


Loral Skynet was looking to introduce new streaming media services to more fully utilize their fixed satellite service infrastructure. We helped Loral linked up and monetize events.


Loral approached Rocx Software about building the enterprise system that would collect, store, and analyze data from multiple hardware and software vendors' equipment located in Skynet's regional points of presence (POP). The data collector would have to normalize data in disparate formats from multiple vendors and store this data. The analysis and reporting functions were responsible for usage and billing reports. The billing business logic needed to support two business models, each of which needed to allow Loral personnel the ability to adjust the business logic without programmer intervention.

Rocx integrated with Loral's existing accounting system and allowed network operations personnel near-real-time access to usage reporting.

  • Measure client usage
  • Provide real-time usage that:
  • Allows clients to closely monitor costs which helps to avoid unexpected costs associated with having to wait for monthly invoices
  • Provides the client insight into activity data that they may use to extend the programming schedule on-the-fly
  • Allows producers and network engineers to make adjustments during a media event since they can view real-time data
  • Provide multiple levels of authentication to reports: for example only accounting may view billing reports while producers may only view usage reports
  • Allows Loral's clients the ability to provision services
  • Architecture supports reselling - database, security, authentication, reporting


  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft Windows Media Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Lawson accounting hosted on UNIX
  • Crystal Reports
  • Web Services
  • Reliacast (monetization)

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