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Rocx Software blends the design capabilities of a mobile development firm with the technical expertise of a systems integrator. We have unique expertise to create engaging mobile experiences that integrate with enterprise systems. For over 10 years we've consulted with Fortune 500 companies and other leading clients utilizing technology to help them exceed their customer's needs.

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Apple iOS Development

Smartphones have become truly pervasive in every aspect of an employee’s life. “For most businesses smartphones and tablets will not entirely replace PCs, but the ubiquity of smartphones and the increasing popularity of tablets are changing the way businesses look at their device strategies and the way consumers embrace devices,” said Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner.
A pple Magic Mouse, wireless keyboard, and iPad mini

Apple Magic Mouse, wireless keyboard, and iPad mini

iPhone SIM trays: original, 4, 5

iPhone SIM trays: original, 4, 5

Original iPhone, 4, 5

Original iPhone, 4, 5

Discovery and Design

Business users and consumers embracement of mobile devices are continuing to drive new marketing, sales, and service opportunities. Soon mobile Internet access will surpass that of the desktop. It is critical for companies to have a mobile presence.

We help develop a mobile marketing channel to complement  your existing channels. Examination of your business helps us to prioritize your goals, working towards a common objective. Also of great importance is our work in understanding your customers, which aids in targeting platforms, technologies, and relevant content.

Development and Feedback Analytics

While focusing on your goals, as we move into  UX design and development planning, we take into account current technologies and devices.

  • How will different form factors affect your the interaction with your content?
  • Does you customer base prefer the familiarity of native apps or would expanding into HTML5 technologies be a better decision?
  • How can we best expose your services and data taking into account scalability, security, and developer community acceptance via a well-formed API?

Answers to those questions will guide us in creating a successful path to future growth.

Finally, using analytics we measure your apps success by a combination of downloads, revenue, and brand awareness.

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