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Rocx Software blends the design capabilities of a mobile development firm with the technical expertise of a systems integrator. We have unique expertise to create engaging mobile experiences that integrate with enterprise systems. For over 10 years we've consulted with Fortune 500 companies and other leading clients utilizing technology to help them exceed their customer's needs.

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Microservices API Gateways

A useful guide to deploying microservices with C# by Paul Mooney covers the benefits in regard to app management and delivery. The two-part posts also make use of RabbitMQ for the queuing functionality. The API Gateway Pattern is presented here by

“The key in making great and growable systems is much more to design how its modules communicate rather than what their internal properties and behaviors should be.” Alan Key

A nice post regarding object-oriented-programming and microservices with Node.js.

We can confirm that objects are really good. However, modeling the interactions between classes can lead to systems that are extremely complex to understand.

Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol (AMQP)

AMQP is a popular protocol in both the commercial and open-source world. One of the more popular open-source implementations is RabbitMQ. We are subscribers and highly recommend Derick Bailey's Node.js tutorials on integrating Node.js and RabbitMQ. 

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